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rowserweb is a full service interactive web agency in Houston, Texas. Our website team design clever web sites with strategic online marketing solutions that deliver measurable business results. Dynamic, interactive, progressive web site design and online marketing for your business from Houston’s leading SEO/SEM and social networking agency.

We are a team of internet specialists, creating branded web and marketing solutions for our clientele. Our team offers advice and solutions to brand your business online and offline. Browserweb will design, develop and maintain your internet presence and build personalized applications and databases to suit your specific needs. Browserweb offer visually appealing web sites with rich internet applications to create strong calls to action.

From brochure web sites to dynamic database complex web solutions, we can cater to your online requirements. Looking for an ecommerce shop to sell your goods with an administration panel that allows you to easily maintain your web site and process your orders, no problem! . Please take your time to browse our web site, it will give you a great insight as to the valued services we provide.

Browserweb is committed to providing a professional service, with a fast turnaround. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Large Joomla Website Hacked – need immediate help
Photo of Mark J.
Mark, Corona, CA

I was very satisfied with the work and time that it took to fix my website. Also, the price was VERY reasonable. The knowledge and skill needed was top level!

Migrate 5 WordPress Websites to new Hosting Today!
Photo of Kelly K.
Kelly, Ontario, CA

I was in a “need help in a hurry” kind of position and put out a call on Facebook. Browserweb answered within moments and within a day had all my websites switched over and up and running, with a minimum of work on my part.

Paypal Website Payments installation and configuration
Vladimir, Lombardia, Italy

Browserweb solved me a problem with managing payments on my website with their dedicated software and assistance in installation; all on a Good Friday holiday, good job!


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rowserweb Web Design and Development for small business mainly focuses on “open source” solutions which offer a cost effective, dynamic, responsive and robust platform for building your online presence. A lot of customers have experience with these content management systems. If you don’t, Browserweb will be able to guide you and advise on the best solution for your business. Below are the most popular solutions.



Last recorded figures show that WordPress powers over 60 million websites. From starting out as a blogging solution, it’s become one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that is available for free. Millions of developers provide Plugins and Templates / Themes, some free, others commercial or have a “Pro” version.

Browserweb Web Designers and Web Developers are WordPress experts. Indeed, this website is powered by WordPress. So whether you’re new to WordPress or an existing WordPress user, we’re ready to provide WordPress webmaster services.

Browserweb also offers WordPress Hosting and WordPress Security services. Our WP Developers & Web Hosting Engineers can make your website secure and make sure you’re less likely to be hacked and data destroyed.

  • WordPress Themes
  • WP Plugin & Website Development
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) & Buddypress


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Joomla is estimated to be the second largest Open Source Content Management System behind WordPress. Indeed before WordPress exploded onto the scene, we think it was probably the number one solution, which forked away from Mambo in around 2005, where it’s roots were established.

Joomla has had several major updates and we’re able to assist in joomla upgrades as well as our usual webmaster services in relation to joomla design and development.

  • Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • Joomla 2.5
  • Joomla 3.0

We do like a lot of the plugins that extend joomla.  Joomla upgrading can be tricky and we can help make the transition smooth.  Security is also a big factor with Joomla, we can help make it secure.

Learn how Joomla can be extended and developed to make your business more efficient.


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Browserweb has been designing and developing this software script since Dolphin version 6. We’ve developed a lot of modules and themes over that time and worked with many Boonex customers. Boonex is a social networking script that has a free and paid version.

Until recently, it was know as Boonex Dolphin. However, recently Boonex launched a major revision and renamed it to Boonex Osho.

Browserweb earlier this year launched a new Theme name BooFlix for commercial resale in 3 versions.

If you need a custom theme or module developed or web coding help with Boonex, which we believe is trickier than most software out in the marketplace and has a steeper learning curve, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Boonex Theme Development
  • Dolphin & Osho Modules
  • Boonex Hosting


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  • TinyMCE on Steriods
    TinyMCE on Steriods

    TinyMCE editor in the widget area.

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  • Powerful Presentations
    Powerful Presentations

    Creating Exciting and Powerful Presentations for your Product or Service

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  • Google Fonts SkyFonts
    Google Fonts SkyFonts

    Google Fonts and Fonts.com App – SkyFonts Review

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  • Ultimate Facebook Plugin
    Ultimate Facebook Plugin

    WordPress Ultimate Facebook Plugin Review

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rowserweb has a range of offers in relation to Boonex website setup, design and maintenance. From installing themes and configuring plugins, to wordpress web hosting and maintenance including security updates, there is a plan to suit your small business. If you need a bespoke custom solution, head over to our Concierge Service section.



For a lot of small business owners, there’s a misunderstanding as to what Custom Website Design is as compared with taking a website template and modifying that to suit your needs.

Click on the link below to find out exactly what the Graphic Design process entails.

Visit the Browserweb Design Storyboard Check out our Latest Case Studies

Browserweb has affordable, reliable Web Hosting solutions. Indeed, being a boutique agency, we have our regular plans but also tailor Hosting to suit our clients specific requirements.

We also take security and updates seriously, to prevent unwanted visitors and possible security related downtime.

Managed Secure WordPress Hosting Shared Web Hosting Plans

Whether you’re a network marketer that uses online services like Aweber or Mailchimp, or you’re a business that has a growing mailing list and the cost of those thousands of subscribers is hurting, we can help.

Email newsletters and autoresponders