BOONEX DOLPHIN 6 has now been UPGRADED substantially to a new release BOONEX DOLPHIN 7

Notes: Premium Concert Theme is Dolphin 6 compatible

Paypal on Join is Dolphin 6 AND Dolphin 7 compatible

Pricing Slashed for these two best selling products from $129 and $60 respectively to $29 and $20 – purchase below and review our web site demos:

Premium Concert Theme on D6 installation: //

Paypal on Join for D6: //

Paypal on Join for D7 : //

Community Software with Membership Module

YouTube, MySpace, Odeo, Flickr, Match and Facebook – all in one, customizable and
under your full control. You’re limited only by your imagination – not by the software. Boonex
Dolphin Smart Community Builder
is a universal, free, open source software that allows
you to build any kind of online community.

With a huge variety of features & options,
you can quickly launch your own very unique and successful website.

Browserweb’s Paypal on Join Module creates a Free and Pay Membership Site

“Paypal on Join” is a module developed by Browse R Web as a plugin to the Boonex Dolphin Software. By default, there’s no payment gateway integration for Dolphin, so we built the application and this monetizes your web site instantly.

You can offer Trial Periods, any number of Membership Subscriptions or Membership Levels and we’ve set it up so it’s a seamless and easy transaction process with recurring billing enabled by default.


Stand out from the crowd with this high quality, sleek design!

We’re giving this design away for an amazing price! It took substantial investment to produce and you can get your premium copy for a small investment.

We’ve researched other communities and the latest trends when we released this Design.

You can see a live demo of this project at //

Full installation instructions are enclosed in the download package.


We started writing applications due to custom coding requirements for social communities we launched. Then we got more and more personal requests from the Dolphin community – as you find you quickly gain trust of the community as your applications are installed and you respond timely to bugs, issues and questions raised.

We like to help as much as possible and our reputation for quality is one we admire and attempt to exceed client expectations. PAYPAL ON JOIN – MONETIZE YOUR WEBSITE
Some of the mods we have created that have caused a stir generally assist in monetizing the free script.

Dolphin is really geared for free sign up and while it would be nice to think that all small business owners ideas are going to be a huge hit within 2 weeks of launching, reality is that unless you’ve got the support of private angels and investors, you should monetize your web site by memberships – paid monthly subscriptions, well that’s our thought on the matter, each to their own but we don’t think affiliate or google ads is going to support the costs and time invested in getting a good social community started and maintained, unless its really just a hobby.

Most we talk to don’t want it to be a hobby, they want their ideas to become commercially marketed and investments are high and serious in this field for those who wish to succeed. So that said, we started developing mods that help owners monetize their communities.

One of our more recent launches: Paypal on Join : Want to offer premium (paid) membership when visitors come to your web site for the first time and are ready to buy? Why defer until they sign up for a free account and don’t know where to locate the upgrade section of the member page.

No problem, now “close the sale” at the beginning of the paid membership process. Get more sales from your community with this mod that processes the sale via your paypal account on a recurring billing basis. Three simple steps to checkout – select membership type, fill in join form and click to go to paypal.

Once payment is confirmed and the visitor now comes back as a paid up member, only then does the site send the confirmation email. Give visitors the option to go for a paid membership as well as a free option and you’ll be surprised with how easy it is to monetize your community!

After requests from the community we have upgraded Paypal on Join to offer Paying members a free trial at sign up for X days and then the premium is collected automatically via Paypal. Fully automated and controlled via admin, also upgrades the Member status to VIP Member in Member’s account.

Online Dating Software & Social Network Software

Create dating sites, social networks, video
sharing portals – you name it. Dolphin includes all
the features of dating scripts and adds more. You
just build the site of your dreams and deploy it
instantly with the ease and elegance that only
Dolphin can provide. For Free.

Energize your community site with the world’s coolest audio/video communication and multimedia apps

Your site does not have to be dull. You can now offer the most advanced web communication tools to your community members. Let them talk online with live video, or upload and share music or video files, or even keep track of their buddies while they are off your site. Dolphin turns your site into an addictive communication venue, increasing page-views, returning visitors count and the overall rate of your site popularity.

Mind-Blowing Video Chat For Your Live Interactive Social Community

Nothing is left to the imagination – there’s live streaming video, private rooms, one-to-one chat, full-screen video modes, interchangeable smilesets, rooms in tabs, and most importantly – absolute customization flexibility.

You get your own media server without any limits – no connection limits, no monthly payments, full control and unlimited possibilities!

Live Private Talk With Video Streaming

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million.  Now, what about live video conversations along with simultaneous formatted and smilies-powered text chat?  Today’s users are ready for this technology and your site should be ready, too.

Video Messenger includes all the features imaginable: Rich text formatting and animated emoticons; file transfers and talk logs; templates, languages and custom skinning; and even a fully resizable interface.

Video Player + Video Recorder

It’s Web 2.0 Mama! It’s all about Video, Video, Video! Don’t miss the bandwagon – turn on video.

Dolphin comes packed with video recorder and video player which work together or independently. Your site members can upload videos and share them, or record instantly from their webcams.

Video Converter will take care of formats and sizes and Media Server will handle the video streaming job. Hard to believe, but they are all parts of Dolphin.

Music Player, WhiteBoard, Shoutbox, Presence and Desktop App

There’s so much more – full-blown Music Sharing, collaborative WhiteBoards, engaging ShoutBox, handy Web Presence and downloadable Desktop App. All open-source. All within the Dolphin package!

100% AJAX Forums, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Music Sharing, Blogs, Polls, Search Events, Groups, Mailbox, Friends, Customizable Profiles, Powerful Admin Panel, Design Templates and Languages!

When it comes to features, nothing comes close to Dolphin. Moreover, with our special “Builders” and powerful admin tools you can mix’n’twist site features, navigation, design and text to make it truly unique.

So here’s the amazing Premium Membership Social Community Package summarized:

The Boonex Dolphin Script you download for free from Boonex HERE

After you install the Software, you then read our detailed Concert Premium Theme template instructions

Then you open up our files and instructions to install the Membership mod Paypal on Join to monetize your community website

You’re DONE and on your way to having a free and paid membership web site!  Wow, for how much? $49, you must be joking!  (No, we’re serious!!)

You’re on the way to creating your own paid community site and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email us!

Here’s some client testimonials from our product page on Dolphin Boonex.