About AirWireless.net A full brand and design experience. Branding & Print Media The client, as a new startup, required branding, print media, website with a subscription based model and a customized interface. Website Design + Development Website design included custom images, calls to action and interactive designs. Development of intuitive website and a customized backend with specific wordpress plugin development.

ck2 Print Media As well as the logo, Browserweb provided print ready (300 dpi) logo type, envelope and tri-fold brochure to send the SIM card(s) to clients. ck 3 The Brand Concept Browserweb, a creative web design Agency decided to utilize this unique domain name and thought a vintage pilot / airplane theme would stand apart from the usual wireless phone provider websites. With that in mind, the logo was designed using “wings” and a vintage / aged text font.

The website theme was then created, carrying forward the old with a bit of new and the blend works well with the chosen color palette.
The Core CMS & Custom Programming WordPress with Woocommerce. This required custom coding to achieve the desired buying process.

The client needs to ensure only verified businesses are allowed to purchase on the website and once the order is placed, the client is required to complete online forms in their account at Air Wireless to activate phones.
Air Wireless Official TMobile Reseller Website is a business to business reseller of mobile phone plans. They approached browserweb to create a brand and design the website, based on a domain name they registered, AirWireless.net. Project Details
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