About A WINNING BET With this redesign and rebranding of a popular sports betting website. Sports Betting Project Details Client runs a Sports Betting Entertainment business in NJ, USA.  After discussion, Browserweb recommended the client convert the HTML static website to a Wordpress website design which had a Content Management System (CMS) and as it was database driven, could cope with his existing email subscriber list and more.  The client agreed and we were off to the races!  The new web design is also "responsive", meaning it's mobile friendly if viewing on an iPad or Apple or Android phone.
Website: apwins.com

The logo was first, and then the colors were taken based on the detailed audit of the sports betting websites in the marketplace.  It appears the patriotic red, white and blue had betting consumer appeal. Browserweb recommended that the client attend a photoshoot so we could brand him on the website and he also had a professional video spokesperson introduction created for implementation on the home page header of the new design.

At the clients request, we also designed and developed a custom newsletter theme, in keeping with the new design and ported over his current list of subscribers into wordpress and added a newsletter wordpress plugin.Browserweb recommended and implemented several wordpress plugins to expand the website capabilities, created a custom newsletter theme and optimized the website speed, safety and uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve images offsite. Client also subscribes to our amazing and fully loaded web hosting services.

Basic search engine optimization (SEO) was carried out and setup and submission of XML sitemaps, google analytics installed to track visitors as well as pro version forms that capture amazing data from visitor leads in the administration area.
ap study 2 The Client’s former HTML Website Here is a screenshot of the old website(s) homepage that was replaced by the above new designs and a new brand (logo development). The client had a very old and outdated website that was cumbersome for him to manage easily. He also wanted to rebrand and make the design more vibrant and appealing.

Browserweb carried out detailed research of the competition, the more modern logotypes in circulation and color schemes used on successful known sports betting websites and went to work.
ap study 3 Client Feedback The client has kept in touch and just recently he stated the website was exceeding his expectations and his subscriber base was growing and sales were the best he’s had in years!

The number of visitors and indeed existing members that had gone dormant are now signing up for his services and offers, filling out the premium wordpress forms that are monitoring the number of conversions in conjunction with google analytics. The old website design had high bounce rates and both new and old clients not converting as it was outdated and now all that has changed, drastically, for the better.

Client has just rehired Browserweb to work on the website’s visibility on the internet, via SEO techniques.
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