Crafting the Right Message

In our experience, writing website content is not something businesses like to do. Yet in today's digital world, it's how you'll convey your brand message and guide customers throughout the website. It's a very crucial area of the whole design and development process.

When a small business client approaches Browserweb, they generally anticipate that if they have a website, we'll just "reskin" the design and the shiny new design will open the gates of new business. Rarely do they wish to invest in the content and layout of the front facing pages of their website. Perhaps its why they all suddenly like the sound of a micro-website or "minimalist" design.

Clients gearing up for a new website should ensure they take into consideration the time to invest in content, digital assets to complement that content and how it's structured on a website so it tells the brand story.

Work with Writers

If writing is not your forte or you do not have an in-house staff member that is responsible for product content, we can assist. We'll assign a writer to work with you to craft the right message.

Captivate the Audience

Navigating a website should be captivating for a new visitor.  Ultimately, you wish to convert that visitor into a buyer, so story-telling and great content which resonates with the visitor is going to vastly improve the potential of gaining a new customer.