About Diet-Patch.com Health & Weight Loss the Natural Way. eCommerce & Affiliates A multi-channel distributor of natural diet-patches for weight loss required a CMS system that focused on customer experience. A comprehensive solution is integrated at Diet-Patch. Website Design + Development Website design included bespoke design. Development of intuitive website in Codeigniter PHP framework, product designs, affiliate newsletters and range of advertising materials and much more.

ck 3 The Original Diet Patch Manufacturer since 1995, and online since 1997, they were looking for a custom ecommerce design that would be integrated into their codeigniter php framework ecommerce software solution.

This is a commercial ecommerce product designed not only to act as an online store, but also as a virtual salesforce with the integrated and comprehensive affiliate program.

In early 2014, the ecommerce software solution was updated by JROX and required that Browserweb reslice the PSD’s from the custom design into the new version, as it was a major overhaul by the ecommerce developer. So the website you see today runs off Bootstrap and is now mobile friendly. Prior to this release, Browserweb had created a custom .mobi website so visitors and customers could purchase products from their mobile phones and devices.

This new theme is responsive, however, we will be scheduling a custom mobile theme for Diet-Patch later this year. Website: diet-patch.com
Project Details The Easy Way to Lose Weight
ck 3 Custom Web Design
Branding and Logo Design
Print and Packaging Designs
Website Translation into Authentic Spanish (not Google translation)
Affiliate Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
Newsletter Design & Marketing
Landing Page Designs
Search Engine Optimization
Online Marketing, ie PPC, Advertising Verticals
and much more….
Project Details

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