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The Digital Blueprint is an Essential Online Forensic Audit for Business

“The Digital Blueprint is your future online marketing success story.

Online Marketing is the #1 Medium for generating leads and new business

Read why big box Retailers are sending You a very direct message in 2018…

The digital spend is growing every year, from your online website(s), to marketing your Brand via search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and more.  If you look at the box retailers like WalMart and Macy’s, they’re closing stores to reinvest in eCommerce and online marketing.

In order to be progressive and a success in today’s commercial marketplace, your digital brand and presence demands a strong marketing plan, and budget. So whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer, a service company or an online marketer, the same conditions apply – ignore the internet and digital marketing at your peril, it should be embraced by all businesses.


The Digital Blueprint will give you instant ROI

You most likely pay your CPA for annual accounting, tax and audit services.  Ask yourself: have you ever, or when was the last time you paid for an Online Marketing Forensic Audit?


The Digital Blueprint Forensic Online Marketing Report provides executives from the CEO, to Chief Marketing Officer, to CFO, insights and big data visualizations which can only help create greater value in their new marketing strategy.

In many instances Browserweb’s audit raises further insights which help organizations look at all their internal systems from Customer Relation Management (CRM) to existing Business Processes and Accounting.

The Blueprint can highlight effective ways to streamline and automate the organization, thus reducing cost of labor while enhancing customer satisfaction.

“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” – David Ogilvy.

Classical Storytelling

The Digital Marketing thesaurus in 2018 may revolve around impressive keywords from Content Marketing to Frontierism to Big Data Visualization and reaching out to Millennials to sell your product or service.

However, at Browserweb, while we appreciate the technical evolution, it still comes down to the age old tradition of one’s ability to tell a story. Whether it’s a classical ballerina dancing across the stage without words, or a journalist in a war-torn part of the world with a sixy second slot to quickly express the facts surrounding his devastating news report, it’s all about storytelling and capturing the attention of your audience.

Browserweb will collaborate with you to express your brand and online message powerfully and profitably.

Architecture & Structure

Website architecture and structure is an approach to the design and planning of websites that involves technical, aesthetic and functional criteria.

The truth about the art of web design is definitive. Not everyone is going to love your website and that’s perfectly fine. What we do want to achieve is that the “majority” of your business clientele and new visitors do approve of your website design, including ease of navigation and message. That’s ultimately the most important goal, which can be achieved by taking into account your business vertical and your preferred client base.

The Blueprint will also highlight and review your website for security risks, page speed, responsiveness, search engine optimization and other key factors.

Effective Marketing

The ability to market successfully online is critical and in 2018, there is even more demands to increase your advertising spend. The market dictates and this is a material shift due to competition and the explosion of advertising platforms from social media, to video, directories, paid advertising and more.

To saturate the marketplace is not necessary but the goal is strategic decision-making so that the marketing you decide upon shall yield positive results.

With a sound business investment in the Digital Blueprint, you’ll have all the necessary tools within your reach to achieve effective online marketing. Collaborate with Browserweb today and start investing astutely in your online business presence with our Digital Blueprint.

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Includes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Marketing your Brand Online.

Once we know your budget and goals, we get to work on the forensic audit and Digital Blueprint presentation.

We’ll have reviewed your brand, website, organic placements, content, advertising channels, analytics, your competitors along with all the business automation and systems you’ve informed us that are in place.  From this information, we’ll prepare our Digital Blueprint along with our recommendations.

Utilizing a variety of online and premium research tools, combined with over a decade of online marketing and forensic digital audit experience, we’ll prepare the Digital Blueprint for your business.

It’s a comprehensive analytical review of your current position in the marketplace and highlights your strengths and weakness with a detailed set of recommendations that should be implemented.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”― Abraham Lincoln

About the author, Mark Burke, Browserweb Inc.  li16

Mark Burke, Digital Media and Programmatic Executive Strategist, is founder and CEO of Browserweb Inc., a Media Company (2003 – Present).

Respected industry professional, Consultant to SEO and Web Agencies (Inc. 500) and mid-sized US based Manufacturing & Engineering companies with Global, multi-office IT infrastructure requirements.

PWC trained Accountant with 20 years experience in Accounting, Auditing and Financial Planning in the UK and the UAE.

Want more customer acquisition?

Implementing our Digital Blueprint will ensure your online business will aggregate new and relevant warm leads via various sources.

  • Website Audit
  • Brand Review
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Placements
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automation
  • Customer Relationships
  • Enterprise Planning

Phone Calls

Send warm leads to your call center or sales team.

SMS Messages

SMS Text Marketing Lead Generation.

Email Marketing

Collect Subscribers & Send Newsletters.

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