Invest in Pre-Planning and Win the ROI debate.


Website pre-planning is critical to correctly identifying and targeting your users and presenting a website design and content based on the data and metrics collected.

Simply put, it focuses on user-centered design practices.

In our opinion, for it to be a success, we require focus group style client participation, eg., work group(s) and council members providing input, data, information and feedback for the duration of the project.

This can be achieved with our project management system, conferencing and more.

Intitial Setup

  • Develop a Plan Strategy
  • Select and Invite a Planning Council / Digital Management Team
  • Setup Project Management System (Basecamp)
  • Schedule Meeting(s) / Web Conference(s)
  • Write a Statement of Work

Analysis + Data.

  • Analyze your current website(s).
  • Learn about your current website visitors and users.
  • Collate historical data for planning (and predictive analysis).
  • Conduct user research, questionnaires and studies.
  • Develop user personas and memorialize that information and data.
  • Write scenarios.
  • Set tasks, goals and key timelines.


We’ll dissect all of your competition and visualize market share by competitor, dive into each company’s strengths & weaknesses, elaborate on products/services — a comprehensive and current break down of your market by sizing up your competitors.

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