Last recorded figures show that WordPress powers over 60 million websites. From starting out as a blogging solution, it’s become one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that is available for free.

Millions of developers provide Plugins and Templates / Themes, some free, others commercial or have a “Pro” version.

Website Designers and WordPress Web Developers, Browserweb are WordPress experts.

Indeed, this website is powered by WordPress.

So whether you’re new to WordPress or an existing WordPress user, we’re ready to provide WordPress webmaster services.

Browserweb also offers WordPress Hosting and WordPress Security services. Our WP Developers & Web Hosting Engineers can make your website secure and make sure you’re less likely to be hacked and data destroyed.

Do you require a Commercial or Custom WordPress Plugin?

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WordPress Website Design Houston. If you need assistance with your WordPress website setup, Browserweb Professional WordPress Developers can assist.

Take advantage of our amazing support via our online ticketing  system and get your website visible today!

Services include;

  • WordPress Installation
  • Theme Installation & Configuration
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
  • Graphic Design to make your Theme Brand your own.
  • Web Development to customize your theme


Unfortunately, the internet does have people looking to hijack your website or hack it and so if you want to protect your brand and online website, you have to invest in making sure your website remains up-to-date.

Otherwise, older website code becomes vunerable to attack and that can mean a loss of valuable online time and worse, data.

Browserweb Engineers can help;

  • Review your website security
  • Implement updates
  • Add security measures and plugins
  • Setup auto backup of files
  • Answer security questions


If you’re looking for a professional WordPress webmaster, you can hire a Browserweb WordPress developer.  As well as the usual WordPress web design and development services, a Browserweb developer is also up to date with the latest web technologies.

We can assist with advanced design and development strategies and implementations to make your online brand a success.

  • HTML5 Web Development
  • Mobile and Social Strategy
  • Corporate Identity and Graphic Design
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Interactive Design


Whether it’s WP Ecommerce or WooThemes Woocommerce or other WordPress Ecommerce solution you require, Browserweb are experts in retail store, digital product download and membership e-commerce development.

If you’re new to launching an online store, there’s a lot to be configured and understand and having a professional webmaster can save you time and let you concentrate on running your business.

Our skills include;

  • Ecommerce Design & Development
  • Merchant Payment Gateway Integration
  • Membership Setup and Configuration
  • Affiliate Setup and Configuration
  • Third Party Billing, CRM, ERP integration


If you’re looking for a multipress wordpress website or a social network using buddypress, it can get complicated setting up your web server and backend of the wordpress administration correctly and bug free.

Issues include conflicting plugins, .htaccess configurations and more.  Let Browserweb take care of the stress of figuring this out.

Services include;

  • Multisite/Buddypress Installation  and Configuration
  • Merchant Payment Gateway Integration
  • Membership and / or ecommerce Integration
  • Third Party application Bridge (ie WHMCS)
  • Custom Plugin / Hooks