The Marketing Acid Test.

Congratulations. You’ve arrived at our ‘B” Invincible introductory offer page. We recommend you start with our “Domination Audition” which is an engaging, highly targeted, short term lead generation and sponsored digital advertising campaign.

It’s designed with a custom and multi-device approach to marketing.

Namely, mobile-first for initial engagement of the landing page offer – as consumers are known to surf on mobile devices first.


Desktop execution – as most people still purchase or sign up on laptops and desktop devices when they are ready to buy.

The Goal; Dominate your vertical and targeted demographic with an effective lead nurturing sponsored ad campaign over a three-month active advertising campaign. Turn visitors (prospects) into buyers and customers.

The ROI: Once you’ve seen the return on your initial investment and the brand buzz you’ve attained from the campaign, then your business and brand can not only cement your current marketing plans, but expand your digital marketing reach for your next Domination Campaign.

This can either repeat or scale up to a more comprehensive campaign.

The Eight Steps
To Dominate Your Market.


  • pre-planning
  • audit review
  • meeting and discussion(s)
  • strategy agreement
  • project setup


We’ll design* a three block sales page comprising;

  • visual animated header, icons and graphic(s) for sales page.
  • content integration (up to 750 words – supplied by client).
  • contact  and call-to-actions.
  • automation (drip emails and remarketing).
  • legal (e.g. privacy and t&c pages).
*Design will be created from a premium theme template, customized to client requirements.  For custom design, additional fees apply, please request a quote.


The design will be integrated using WordPress CMS and optimized for all devices and compatible modern browsers, prior to launch;

  • Images losslessly compressed to reduce load time.
  • CDN implementation with AWS Cloudfront.
  • Recommended wordpress plugins installed.
  • Email automation setup.
  • Testing performed on demo server by client prior to launch.


Domination Audition will be hosted on a custom domain name as agreed and purchased by Browserweb during the planning phase.  The website will be hosted on Browserweb’s WordPress Managed Servers for the duration of the campaign. The website and campaign will be launched on client approval.


Automation, auto-responders and email marketing is an essential part of the project and deserves a special mention.  Browserweb will discuss and help craft your initial drip feed, which will comprise of a three-day, follow-up email auto-responder to prospective buyers who provided their email in response to the campaign.

The emails that will be triggered can be for new buyers or prospects and new inquiries.  A drip campaign can also be prepared for the purpose of remarketing any prospects added during the course of the three month marketing campaign who did not purchase the product or service (with the goal of converting those leads at some point in the near future).

Note; We can integrate most hosted mail providers like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Drift, Drip and similar providers – or setup a WordPress plugin to handle this for you, if necessary.


We’ll manage the paid advertising platform during the campaign while you focus on the sales leads and customers. This will most likely include;

  • Planning
  • Competitor review
  • Research
  • Historical analysis (f available)
  • Profiling and Demographic Targeting
  • Ad creation
  • Creatives
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

We’ll setup the ads, the tracking and pixel codes, the creatives and promote to the right targeted buyers in the ad platform.

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Finally, we’ll take charge of the sponsored social media marketing during this three month campaign.

We’ll  be monitoring and posting to your social media channel every week and monitoring your brand in harmony with the advertising.


During the campaign, we’ll provide analytics and reporting each month, as we continuously monitor and tweak the campaign as necessary until the final days of the campaign. Then we’ll provide a summary review and report for discussion as to the campaign overall and the results achieved.

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The Financial Investment to Become Invincible.


This exclusive campaign offer comprises of Steps One – Five above.

Fees; $3,000 (first month’s payment).

Once you subscribe, our goal is to complete Steps One – Five within the first month and have the project ready for marketing in month two.*

*This is a recommended goal, it is not a guaranteed delivery date.


This comprises of Steps Six – Eight above.

Fees; $3,000 (for 3 months, commencing after launch of website).

These fees represent our management fees for both the ad platform and social media marketing for one social channel.*

*Notes; This is our management fees and is for one platform, e.g. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter promotion. How much you spend on the campaign per month paid advertising will be set by you, the client, but there is a min. spend of at least $1,500 per month for the active three month advertising period (with a maximum of $3,000 per month) for this offer.

In summary, the first month fee is for the setup of the website and campaign.  The next three months is for advertising and social channel management fees.

We’ve heavily discounted this offer. There are no upfront retainer fees normally associated with this type of work.  All you pay is a flat amount for the four months of the contract.  Sign up below;


If you wish to review all the Invincible “Domination” Campaign Products, enter your mobile phone number below and we’ll arrange to discuss your specific requirements further.