Here at Browserweb we’ve developed Paypal Pro for JROX’s JEM ecommerce shopping cart solution. Right now there is only Paypal Express (IPN). Due to customer requests we developed a mod for Paypal Pro payment gateway and it’s available for with detailed instructions for both Certificates and Signatures implementation.

What Paypal Pro offers is the ability to provide a more fluid checkout process. Many customers do not like being redirected to Paypal to pay for the products and then redirect back to the ecommerce shopping cart. They also have to login to paypal or supply detailed credit card information and that can be frustrating, especially for repeat clients and could cost your business valuable sales if the customer decides to go elsewhere.

With paypal pro, it’s only 4 fields that need to be completed, the customer remains on your web site during the checkout process and everyone is so much happier! Simple, easy and essential for a professional online shopping portal.

You can purchase our module below with or without installation service:

Paypal Pro: learn more about fees and charges to upgrade from Paypal Express HERE

Please note all sales are non-refundable for the software module.